Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knitting With Plastic Bags

Pattern for the Chilly Coaster is below

Hey everyone!  I have been wanting to do this tutorial for ages, and finally got around to it!  Below is the tutorial and video, and a free pattern for my Chilly Coaster, made from plastic grocery bags.  I call it Chilly Coaster, because it is meant for cold cups.  Also, this coaster is just for fun, not really to keep condensation from getting on your table.  So be warned, don't use this thinking it will protect an important surface.  And while you could use it for a steamy, hot mug of coffee, also know that the plastic may melt, leaving a nasty mess on your cup.  So, cold drinks only on water safe surfaces.

First, here is the video.  Below that you can print the tutorial if you wish, and the pattern.  Happy Knitting, and Enjoy!

Knitting With Plastic Bags Tutorial

Chilly Coaster Pattern

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to Knit - Brief Start to Finish Sample

I see a lot of questions from new knitters about how to start knitting.  Even though they may have watched videos about casting on, knit/purl stitches, and binding off they are still unsure of exactly how to put it all together.

The below video is a very brief video showing casting on, knitting a few rows with knit and purl stitches, and then binding off.   This video is not meant to teach specific techniques (see the "Free Knitting Videos" Tab at the top for more detailed, slower videos), rather it is just meant to show what to do once you are ready to begin working on your pattern.

This video is not meant to instruct on how to read a knitting pattern, although I have a sample pattern in the video.

This video is basically a "I have yarn, needles, and a pattern.  Now what?" demo.  It is meant solely to demonstrate the process of casting on, knitting, and then binding off.