Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shadow Knitting: 1st Mystery Knitting Project is done!

Ok, here is the picture of the completed item. This was my first real attempt at shadow knitting.  Much easier than I expected, but it does take some thought when charting out the pattern.  I've been using mine as a large coaster, but it really is meant to go on my counter whenever I have something from the oven that needs to cool down.  This will come in handy for Thanksgiving dinner this year because I always seem to run out of potholders/dishtowels to set my hot dishes on.  If you made this as well, I hope you had fun knitting and like the end result.  I will have a new mystery project around the middle of December, so be sure to check back!
Pattern for the Heart Shadow Hot Pad is below the picture.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Episode 6: Cool!

I've named this episode of the podcast "Cool" because I used the word cool waaay too many times!  I apologize in advance :0)  As always I have some magazine reviews, plus I talk about a few yarns I recently got, a strange yet amusing knitting video, Vanna's Choice Yarn Contest, and we will be wrapping up the very first Mystery Knitting Project!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Video - Double Knitting!

So I had a request for a double knitting video the other day, and finally got it up on YouTube.  This video is a bit of a departure from my usual video format.  I totally had a blast doing this one.  I went to visit my sister, and she did the recording, editing and all that stuff.  Usually I am so worried about staying in frame, the lighting, etc., but this time, since someone else was filming all I had to do was the knitting part!  It was so much easier than doing it myself.