Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Video - Double Knitting!

So I had a request for a double knitting video the other day, and finally got it up on YouTube.  This video is a bit of a departure from my usual video format.  I totally had a blast doing this one.  I went to visit my sister, and she did the recording, editing and all that stuff.  Usually I am so worried about staying in frame, the lighting, etc., but this time, since someone else was filming all I had to do was the knitting part!  It was so much easier than doing it myself.
 I usually record inside to avoid barking dogs and screaming kids; this typically causes me immense frustration in the lighting department though.  Today was warm and sunny, so we filmed outside.  As a result, there is mucho background noise going on.  I must apologize for that, but the lighting was great so....  Also, it took about 30 minutes to record the whole thing even though I only knit a small sample.  It is actually in 3 parts because it's soooo long. This little video shows how to pull the opposite color onto the front of the double knitted fabric, creating a heart shape.  It's kind of hard to explain in writing.  If you watch the video (or I should say videos!) you will understand what I am talking about. Anyhow, this is probably my favorite video, despite all the racket going on.  I had a great time with my sis. I plan to do more videos with her help.  I haven't done any in quite a while because it is just so frustrating trying to get the lighting right, trying to watch myself on the view screen to make sure I stay in frame, and having to start all over when I watch and find out I screwed up.  I really liked just knitting and letting her worry about following my hands with the camera. So if you'd like to watch, just click the link in the side bar to go to my YouTube channel.  I'm getting everything ready for the next episode of the pod cast this coming weekend.  I plan to have that up either Saturday or Sunday.  Until then, Happy Knitting!

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