Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sapphires-N-Purls Podcast: Episode 11

Episode 11 is up and running.  You can find links to the magazines I talk about in the magazine tab at the top of the blog, with the exception of the Baby Knits Collection.  I couldn't find a link anywhere for this magazine, sorry.

The Books:
Power Cables by Lily Chin
The Gossamer Webs Design Collection: Three Orenburg Shawls to Knit by Galina Khmeleva
Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman
Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd

The Yarn:
Butterfly Super 10 Mercerized Cotton Yarn from Mouzakis
Sublime Bamboo Pearls DK Yarn
Araucania Azapa  (And I say that I don't know what the colors are of this yarn, because there is just a number on the tag... color names are given on Jimmy Bean's website.  Duh!)
Cascade Ultra Pima 

The Cool Knitting Tools:
Addi Turbo Circular Stitch Holders
Susan Bates Handi Tool

New EZ Book: Knit One Knit All

I don't know how this one slipped past my "New Knitting Book Radar", but it did.

This is a book of unpublished patterns from Elizabeth Zimmermann - all done in garter stitch! Just released in May of this year, patterns include sweaters, vests, hats, baby items, sideways gloves, jackets, knitted clogs and lots more.

I love the hat on the cover!!!  I have some yarn that I have been wanting to make a hat with, but haven't been able to find a pattern that I liked, or that seems appropriate for the yarn.  I think this one on the cover is "it"!  I have also been thinking of knitting myself a vest, so another reason for getting this book.  And I was just talking to my sister the other day about knitted clogs.  I'd say this book is definitely what I have been waiting for and didn't even know it.  I didn't think twice about ordering this when I saw it this morning.

If you are an EZ fan, you may want to add this book to your library.  I will review it once I have it in my grubby little hands, so be sure to come back in a couple of weeks.  Yay!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This and That

Hi all.  Just thought I would take a minute to post about a few things.  First, I received 4 knitting books yesterday (from Interweave's "Hurt Book and Overstock Sale") that I will be reviewing soon!  I am so excited, because these are all books that I have been wanting but were not really in the budget.  If you didn't know about this, then hurry over right away because it won't last much longer, and you can get some absolutely fantastic deals.  50-80% off knitting, crochet, weaving items, and a lot of other crafts.  There are books, patterns, etc.

I have also ordered some yarn coming hopefully next week that I will be sharing with you, as well as a nifty little gadget I discovered.  Lots of things coming up for review!!

I recently purchased a video camera so that I can make better videos.  All of my videos until now were filmed with a digital camera, which only records for 3 minutes at the most, and it was extremely difficult to get good lighting.  Being technically challenged, even armed with the manual, it is taking me a while to figure things out though.  I try to get the best lighting possible so folks can see what is going on, and hopefully with the new camera, I will be able to shoot better videos even if the light isn't ideal.  I already have a few new videos up, which I talked about in the last pod cast.  You can find the videos on my YouTube channel - there is a link in the left side bar.

I have a couple tutorials that I would like to do also, so those are coming up in the future.  (Knitting with beads and entrelac, to be specific)  So I hope you all will keep coming back.  I love getting comments, so be sure to leave one if you wish.  Until next time, happy knitting!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sapphires-N-Purls Podcast: Episode 10

Hey everyone!  The latest episode of the podcast is up.

Links for all of the magazines I talk about are in the Magazines tab at the top of the blog.  Also, I talk a little bit about the shawl and entrelac throw I am currently working on, as well as the new knitting videos up on YouTube.  You can find the link to the YouTube channel on the left sidebar.

Magazines covered in this episode:

Sandra Knit Trends Issue 2, Vogue Knitting, Simply Knitting, Love of Knitting, Knitting Today, Knit'n Style, Verena, Knitting, Let's Knit, Knit Today, Filati Handknitting, and The Knitter

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Knitting Books June and July 2011

I haven't posted about new knitting books due out for a while, so here is a brief list for this and next month.

Due out in June:
Custom Knit Jackets: Casual to Couture, by Jean Frost (Elaine Rowley and Rick Mondragon, Editors and Alexis Xenakis, Photographer)

Little Red in the City, by Ysolda Teague

Due out in July:
Knitting for Little Feet: 40 Booties, Socks, and Slippers for Babies and Kids, from Trafalgar Square Books

Sock Knitting Master Class: Innovative Techniques + Patterns from Top Designers, by Ann Budd