Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hank, Skein, Cake, Ball

I know some people use hank and skein interchangeably, but the above is what I learned the different terms to mean.

If you buy yarn in a hank, you'll want to wind it up before working with it, otherwise you may end up with a huge tangled mess that will take hours and hours and hours to untangle - ask me how I know!

A swift and ball winder are useful, although not necessary.  If you wind the yarn with a winder, you get a cake; if you use your hands, you'll get a ball.

In place of a swift, you can drape the hank over the back of a chair, your knees, your feet, or talk someone into holding it for you on their hands.

You can wind a center pull ball with a toilet paper tube or paper towel tube cut in half, here is a video.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Giveaway: The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

Want to learn more about different fibers?  Then this is the giveaway for you!  I am giving away one copy of The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, pictured above.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me why you want to win this book.  Enter now through midnight EST January 31, 2015 for a chance to win.

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You must be 18 years of age to enter.  Winner will be chosen at random on February 2, 2015; if winner does not claim prize in 1 week, a new winner will be chosen.