Friday, October 8, 2010

Time for Halloween!

October is my favorite month of the year - the air turns crisp, the leaves change colors, and there is just a certain smell and feel to the air.  And of course, October means Halloween!  I love Halloween.  No, I do not dress up like some folks do; I do not even pass out candy.  I just like it!  Years ago, my sister and I would watch the move Hocus Pocus as many times as we could during October on the Disney Channel.
 Then, not long ago I purchased the DVD so I could watch it any time I want.  A bit childish, perhaps, but it's fun!  This is the movie I will be watching during my Girls Night In evenings this month.  And since I am always in, I will be watching a lot!  I am almost embarrassed to admit how many times I have watched this movie.
I also have some black and orange yarn somewhere which I had planned on turning into an illusion hot pad.  I may dig that out and revisit my hot pad ideas, who knows.  Anyhow, if you are also a fan of Halloween, below are some links to fun patterns.  And maybe you will want to check out Hocus Pocus, too!

Knitting Pattern Central - has a bunch of neat patterns!
Ghost chart
Pumpkin Hat

Hocus Pocus!!

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