Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Magazine Review

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Creative Knitting - March 2011
Introduction to knitting with wire and beads, plus some projects to get you started
Spring knits, including some cute Butterfly Garden Socks, Garden Shawl, and Retro Flower Cardi (this is my favorite one, minus the ugly knit flowers on the shoulder.  This looks much better without them.)
A few other patterns worth mentioning:  Hedgehogs and Apples - cute mama and baby hedgehog and apple pattern, cute for the kiddies!  Suri Lace Scarf and Eyelet Lace Pullover.  Don't forget to visit the website for your bonus patterns!

Knitting Today - March/April 2011
Lots of nice projects, including knits for new moms and moms to be (booties, onesies, soakers, and more)
Knits for the kiddies, including frog slippers and some super cute jump rope cozies
Nifty article on dyeing your own yarn - this has made me want to pull out my dye and yarn I was messing around with last year and give things another try.  The method in the magazine is basically what I was doing, with only a minor change or two.  I'm excited to give dyeing another whirl!

The Knitter - Issue 26
Lots of fabulous patterns as usual from one of my most favorite magazines! Here are some of my favorite projects:  Loveday Cardigan - gorgeous lace and Fair Isle combo, Lozenges socks - beautiful!  Lazy Sunday super comfy looking bed socks.
Along with the patterns there are several good articles, such as Knitwear through the ages: 1920's and Flawless Fair Isle (to help you with the Loveday Cardigan!)

I have a few more magazines to read and review for next time - Verena, Filati, and Yarn Forward.  Until then, Happy Knitting!

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