Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This and That

Interweave Knits is kind of getting on my nerves.  A while back, they sent me a DVD - Secrets for Successful Knitting: Intro to Fair Isle: The Ivy League Vest with Eunny Jang.  I watched maybe the first 10 minutes, and then forgot about it.  Now, I did not order this thing, and the paper they sent with the DVD clearly states that since I didn't order the DVD, I was not obligated to participate or send the DVD back, and could consider it a free gift.   They have now sent me 3 "reminders" to either pay for or send back the DVD.  However if I may also keep it as a free gift since I did not request it.

Please.  Stop sending me these reminders.  I really wish I knew what I did with the damn thing so I could send it back.

Today is a cranky day.

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