Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Knit a Scrubbie

Who doesn't need a scrubbie (or scrubby)?  Making your own is quick and simple.

This isn't really a pattern - just how I like to knit scrubbies.  Very simple, you just need a few yards of nylon mesh netting (some people use tulle - I prefer the nylon net) and some needles.  I like to use size 10 wood or bamboo needles, you can use whatever type and size works for you.  These scrubbies are just worked in garter stitch.  Make them in one color or many, big or small.  You can even carry a strand of cotton yarn along with the nylon mesh; this will make the scrubbies a little bulkier and they will hold dish soap a bit better.  There is no right or wrong way to do these, so get yourself some nylon mesh netting and make some scrubbies!

A word of warning - you don't want to pull or tug on this too hard, because it will rip.  Firm but gentle.  I just cut strips about an inch wide - they don't have to be perfect.  Just eyeball it.

I got my nylon mesh at, but you can also find this stuff at Jo-Ann's - they even have "Scrubbie Mesh".

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