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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beaded Bind Off

To go along with the Beaded Cast On from last week, here is an easy way to add beads to your bind off.

For this method, you will need a crochet hook sized appropriately for your yarn/beads.  I used a size 10 Steel Crochet Hook for my sample, which works perfectly for size 6 beads.  (Steel hooks are sized differently than regular hooks - the higher the number, the smaller the hook.  The opposite of regular hooks.)

I've done my sample using the standard knitted bind off, but you can add beads to pretty much any bind off method.  You can space the beads out any way you like also.

Just begin to bind off.  When you are ready for a bead, you will want to take the stitch from your right needle --  off the needle --!  Don't panic, it's ok for a stitch to be without the needle for a moment.  I like to pull the loop up a bit just so I have a little room to work.  

Then, place a bead onto your crochet hook; grab the stitch with your crochet hook, and finally, slide the bead onto the stitch.  Place the stitch back onto the right needle and pull gently to tighten it back up.

That's it!  Continue binding off and adding beads.  You'll finish as you would when binding off without beads - on the last stitch, cut the yarn, pull the tail through.

A super easy way to add a little something extra to your bind off!   Here is the video.

Happy Knitting!