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Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to make Pom Poms

These were made with the Clover Pom Pom Maker

If you plan to make a lot of Pom Poms, then you will probably want to invest in some of the hard plastic pom pom makers you find in the craft stores. They are easy to use and come in all different sizes.  I find the instructions that come with Clover's tool a bit lacking, so here is a video.

This pom pom was made using materials you probably have around the house
If you only want to make a pom pom here and there, then it really isn't necessary to purchase a pom pom maker.  All you need to make your own pom pom maker is some cardboard, a pen or pencil, and two circular objects.  One should be a bit smaller than the other.  The size of your circle determines the size of your pom pom.  And you need scissors, of course.

With the larger circle, trace two circles on the cardboard.  Then, place the smaller circle in the middle of the larger one, and trace it.  Cut out each circle using the line of the larger circle.  Then, cut straight up to the line of the smaller circle, and cut that out as well. Finally, all you have to do is place the pieces of cardboard on top of each other, making sure the straight cuts line up.  Wrap your yarn around the forms until they are covered.  The straight cut you made will allow you to easily wrap the yarn around the cardboard.  The more yarn you use, the fluffier your pom pom will be.  When you are done winding, cut the yarn.  You will then need to cut a length of yarn to tie your pom pom together.  But before you can tie it all together, you need to cut it.  Make sure your scissors are sharp, and stick them in between the cardboard and cut all the way around.  Once all of the yarn has been cut, slip the length of yarn between the pieces of cardboard and tie a couple of tight knots.  Remove the cardboard and you have a pom pom !  Trim it up a bit if necessary.  Use the strands you used to tie the pom pom to attach it to hats, scarves or whatever you like.

You could use a plastic lid (from a coffee can, etc.) to make your pom pom forms if you want something a bit more sturdy than cardboard.  

And here is a video on home made pom pom making.