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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October/November 2011 Knitting Books

Haven't done this in a while - here are a few of the books you can find out this month and next!


Knits Extraordinaire
 - by Lena Maikon

-by Kara Gott Warner

-by Kari Cornell, Sue Flanders, Janine Kosel

-by Sharon Turner    **Just a note on this one.  I flipped through this in the store a week or so ago, and was excited when I first saw it because I love stitch pattern books.  My excitement waned as I saw the stitches though.  I didn't see any "new" stitches; practically all of them I have seen in my other books.  I have all of the Harmony Guides, the first two Walker Treasuries, Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns, Essential Stitch Collection, among others (you can check them out in myLibrarything in the left sidebar).  If you have several stitch pattern books, I would pass on this one.  You probably already have these stitches in there, or they can be found online.  If you only own one or two stitch books, or none at all, then you might enjoy this one.

-by Iris Schreier

-by Sue Pearce

-by Lisa Shroyer

-by Barbara Sander