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Sunday, February 24, 2013

My yarn from The Memory Tree and Yarn Branch

Here is the yarn I got yesterday from The Memory Tree and Yarn Branch.  It is all soooo yummy, I can't wait to knit with it.

First up, this beautiful lace weight from Grignasco Knits, Merinosilk 25.  I typically do not go for green at all, but this pastel was irresistible!
I am going to have to go through my Walker Treasury books to find something to do this yarn justice.

Next - I have some angora yarn in my stash, however it all has a bit of nylon as well.  This Angora from Plymouth is 100% angora; I have searched and searched for a 100% angora and have never found it.  Until yesterday!  Let me tell you, it is nothing short of exquisite!
No better place for this yarn than right next to you.  I plan on using this for a cowl.  

Here is some super squishy yarn from Plymouth, which I have only ever found online.  I couldn't resist buying this yesterday when I felt it.  Mushishi!
This wonderful yarn is most likely going to be a shawl.  I do love my shawls!  The only hard part will be deciding whether or not to work it top down or bottom up.

Next, some more Plymouth yarn.  This is Taria Tweed, which I have never seen before, so thought I would give it a try.
I think this is going to make another lovely shawl for me.  

And finally, Lustra from Berroco.  This is very much like the Mulberry Silk I purchased at a knitting and crochet festival last year.  It is soft, smooth, smooshy and wonderful!
This will probably turn into a cowl.  I know it will be so soft and silky, and great for wearing next to the skin.  Yummy!

The Memory Tree and Yarn Branch

Yesterday I visited a little shop called The Memory Tree and Yarn Branch.  This shop is located at 1015 Chess Street, Monongahela, PA.  Currently you can buy yarn and knit/crochet notions and items for scrap booking here.

This shop is owned by the sweetest little old lady, Dorothy.  It was very nice to chat with her a bit while I was there, and I look forward to going back!

Dorothy plans on eliminating the scrap book part of the store, and providing only yarn; she also plans on providing a selection of buttons.

Some of the yarns you can find here are Patons, Bernat, and Berroco, among others.  I was so very tempted to purchase the interchangeable set of Knit Picks needles I saw, but managed to hold back.

You can also get a Marvelous Memory Card, which receives a number of punches depending on the amount of money spent.  Once you hit the $200 mark, you get $10 in Memory Money!

The Memory Tree and Yarn Branch is a great little store - if you live in the area, or if you don't live in the area, but happen to be passing through, I recommend you stop by and visit Dorothy, and buy some of the wonderful yarn she carries.

Here is the yarn I got from Dorothy yesterday. Click HERE.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Join a New Ball of Yarn

If the Spit Splice or Russian Join aren't your deal, try just picking up your new yarn and knitting it in.

I like to do this if at all possible at the beginning of a new row, because it seems a bit neater for me, and is easier for me to weave in the ends of the old/new yarn.  Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to join somewhere else along your row.  This is fine.

This is how I do it:  Wrap the tail of the new ball around my finger to keep it out of the way, then, holding the tail from the old ball and the working yarn together, knit 3-4 stitches.  Drop the tail and continue knitting.

Remember on the return row you will have what looks like two stitches where you knit with both the old tail and new working yarn.  Be sure you knit these together as one stitch, otherwise you will be increasing your stitch count.  Weave in loose ends, and you are good to go.

Here is a video.  Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Heavenly Hues Yarn - Customer FO

Hi everyone!  My friend Judie from Heavenly Hues Yarn asked me to share this photo of a scarf knit by one of her customers.

This was knit with Candy, from Feza Yarn.

Judie sells Feza Yarns exclusively.  Please stop by Heavenly Hues Yarn and check it out.  In addition to the Feza Yarn, Judie has other knitting goodies including Eucalan, buttons, and tote bags.  She also serves up great customer service!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Skinny Scarf in 2x2 Rib - Beginner Scarf

Here is the next project that I am doing for the beginners.  If you have already done the garter stitch scarf, and would like to move on to something a little more advanced, give this scarf a try.

In addition to the knit stitch, you will be purling, knitting two stitches together, purling two stitches together, and finally knitting into the front and the back of a stitch.

Knit two together (K2tog) and Purl two together (P2tog) are decreases, and by knitting into the front and back of a stitch (KFB) you will be increasing.

This scarf starts out on forty stitches, and this is decreased down to twenty after ten rows.  At the end of the scarf, we will increase back up to forty stitches, work for ten rows and then bind off.

You will need two balls of Cascade Cash Vero and US Size 9 needles to make this scarf or any yarn you like with the appropriate needle size for the yarn.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beaded Fringe

To go with the Double and Triple Knotted Fringe from last week, I thought I would throw in Beaded Fringe.

So super simple to do!  All you need are some beads appropriate for your yarn, a crochet hook or bead needle ( or other gadget to get the beads onto the yarn ) and you are ready.  Beads that are too big can fall off; if you find some beads that you really want to use, but they are too big for a single strand of yarn, you can use multiple strands, or after threading the yarn through the bead, bring the tail up and tie a knot above the bead.  Loopy beads :0)  I didn't show this in the video, because it only occurred to me now as I write this.

You can place the beads anywhere on the strands of fringe you like.  Near the top, bottom, or somewhere in the middle.

You can put them on randomly, or place them in specific places.  Use different colors, whatever you like.

Here is a short video.  Have fun adding beads to your fringe!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Double Knotted Fringe and Triple Knotted Fringe

Double Knotted Fringe
I love fringe.  It can turn a boring scarf into something more fun.  Usually, a single knotted fringe will suffice; but sometimes something a little more fancy is nice.

Here is a video showing both double and triple knotted fringe.  I am sure others may have their own methods, this is the easiest way for me.  If you make fringe, and find a different way works better for you, that is fine too.  You know my rule - there is no wrong way!

Triple Knotted Fringe
Make sure that your starting strands are at least several inches longer than you intend for the final fringe to measure.  The tying of knots takes away from the length, as does trimming the ends if you intend to do so.  It is better to have fringe that is too long than not long enough.  If you need to know how to add a simple, single knotted fringe, go HERE.

Once you have your single knotted fringe on, you can do the double or triple knotted fringe.  With the exception of the first and last group of single knotted fringe, all you are doing is tying an equal number of strands from each group of the single fringe together.  For the first group of fringe, I use the whole bunch, tied together with half of the second group of fringe.  For the last group of single knotted fringe, I use the last half of the next to last group, and tie it to the entire last single knotted fringe.  You can do as many rows of knots as pleases you, but for me I find one or two rows is enough.  Remember, make sure you have enough yarn so that your fringe still has some length to it after you have tied knots and trimmed ends.   I would recommend adding just a few test groups of fringe to see if you end up with the desired result, before cutting enough yarn to fringe your entire piece.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Romni Wools, 658 Queen St. West, Toronto (Canada)

I visited Romni Wools on Saturday, September 22, 2012.  I just don't even know where to begin, as I am still at a loss for words about this place.

I was so excited to be there, I didn't even take a picture of the front of the store, sorry.  I did however take an abundance of pictures of the inside.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Romni Wools, you absolutely should go!!  You won't be sorry, I promise!  Truly, go!!

Romni Wools has the best selection of yarn, notions, books and magazines of any place I have ever been to.  The place is literally stocked from floor to ceiling.  I was just in absolute awe the moment I walked in the door.  I had read about this place of course, but you really don't get the full effect unless you see it in person. OH, yes.  They even have a basement, filled to the brim with even more yarn!

About a week before my trip, I was reading reviews and there were a few that said customer service wasn't the best.  My experience was quite the opposite - more than one employee asked how I was doing and if I needed help.  I was greeted upon entering.  I asked for and received a shopping basket - I knew I would need it!   I also saw several other customers get help from the staff.  I can't say what the problem was with those who said they didn't get good service.  I received and saw great customer service at Romni Wools!

Again, I am pretty much at a loss for words.  I am just going to once again, recommend that you go if possible, and let the pictures speak for themselves.  If I can't get all of these to load on this one post, I will add a second post.

Pictures of my purchase will be in a separate post.   Click on any picture to enlarge it.