Wednesday, August 1, 2012

JJ's Knitting Knook

I recently visited JJ's Knitting Knook, located on Stuarts Draft Highway in Waynesboro, VA.  Great little shop, full of beautiful yarn!  This place looks like it used to be a house - there are several rooms of yarn, books, needles and fibery goodness.  I was waited on by Teresa, who was very nice.... and very patient when, after I had already made my yarn purchase, I decided I also wanted to get The Knitter's Block.... and then remembered I had wanted to check out some rosewood needles too.  She very kindly got the needles for me, opened them up and allowed me to inspect the cables.  Very nice little store that I hope I have the chance to visit again!  I actually missed one of the rooms and wish I had gone back to look.  So if you go, make sure you look in all of the rooms!

Below are some pictures, and check out Episode 17 of the podcast to see what I purchased.  Teresa is in one of the pictures, by the way :0)

Sapphires-n-Purls Podcast Episode 17

Hi everyone!  Just thought I would take a minute to tell you about JJ's Knitting Knook, which I visited last week in Virginia.   Of course I have a few knitting magazines in my "to read" pile - I won't list them all here, you can find links to all of the magazines I show you up in the magazine tab at the top of the blog.  All this and just a little about what I have been up to lately.

The post with all of the pictures of the shop are HERE

Knitter's Pride Cubics Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Cocoknits Knitter's Block Kit - this is awesome!

Araucania Yelcho 

Sublime Tussah Silk DK

Kollage Cornucopia and Corntastic

I am almost positive I saw somewhere that the Cornucopia is discontinued, and the Corntastic is the substitute.  I can't find the website where I saw that now, if anyone knows feel free to leave a comment!