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Friday, May 4, 2012

Interweave Knits Summer 2012

The latest issue of Interweave Knits arrived in my mailbox today!

Love the shawl on the front - it is the Summer Blooms Shawl, designed by Susanna Ic and knit with Suri Elegance.

Several other very nice projects in this issue, as well as an article on swatching, by Eunny Jang.

Check out the link above to see all of the projects in this issue!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interweave Spring 2012

This arrived in my mail box not long ago.  I can't wait for the weekend to wrap up in a blanket with a cappuccino and read it from cover to cover!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sapphires-N-Purls Podcast Episode 14!

Well, I finally had a chance to record a new show!  It has been quite a while.  This episode was filmed outdoors, so I do apologize for the background noises.

In this episode, I show you the magazines waiting for me to read them, some new yarns I have, and the Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom Kit.

There are links to all of the magazines in the "magazine" tab at the top of the blog.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Sabrina Fashion Knits
Sandra Knit Trends
Simply Knitting
Knit Now
Knit Simple and Knit Simple Plus Knits
Knit 'n Style
Interweave Knits
Knit Today
Knit Scene
Knitting Today
Love of Knitting
Australian Knitting
Vogue Knitting
Jane Austen Knits

Linking this one directly:
Woman's Weekly Best of Our Knitted Toys

The Amazing Curly Scarf Pattern that I wear in this episode is a free pattern on the blog, along with a video on knitting spiral scarves.

Lily Sugar 'n Cream scented yarn.  Nice!  None of the fragrances were overwhelming or stinky to me.  The Camomile and Aloe Vera were the ones that appealed to my nose the most today.  The fragrance will of course wash out eventually, but how nice to make a few dish cloths, tie them up with a ribbon and give to a friend?  Just my opinion of course!  Although I found all of the scents to be light and fresh, someone sensitive to fragrances might feel otherwise.  I recommend giving them a sniff yourself if you see them in the store, before buying online.  Today was the first time I have seen them at Michaels; can't find it on their website though!  I've never seen them in my Joann's, but they do sell them on their website.  

You can find out more about Carol's Needleworks and the yarn I got there HERE.

And finally Martha Stewart.  I've always had a love/hate thing with her.  Simply love a lot of her ideas on decorating, cooking and everything else, but hate her attitude sometimes.  I even forgive her for her... ahem... problems in the past.  We all make mistakes, and I am sure the humiliation she suffered was enough to keep her from making the same, or similar, mistakes again.  Anywho,  I suppose the reason I got this knitting and weaving loom is because it seems to be so versatile and has so many possibilities.  I've not done any loom knitting before, but am kind of anxious to expand my knitting horizons.  Does any one own this?  Feel free to let me know what you think, and I would love to see pictures of your finished items.  I will do a more in depth review once I have had a chance to play around with this gadget!

As for  her yarn, however... I will definitely take a pass on that.  I have a brief video from when I was checking out the line at Michaels on my YouTube channel.  I really can't believe her name is on this stuff.  It really isn't all that nice, and you don't get very much yarn.  For the price, I'd expect at least twice as much as what you get.  You can get better quality yarn, and a lot more of it, from some of Lion Brands other lines, as well as other manufacturers.  The Mambo is just ridiculous. 5 - yes, FIVE measly yards, for $5-6??  Seriously?  If I am paying about $1 per yard of yarn, that stuff better be spun from gold!  It would actually make a neat rug, but you'd have to buy so much to get a decent sized rug that I would hang it on the wall as art instead of actually put it on the floor and walk on it.  I don't know what else you would do with Mambo; Lion Brand has a bracelet pattern for it.  Not my style!  The Glitter Eyelash is kind of gaudy - but then I don't much go in for that type of yarn to begin with.  Might be nice for some type of holiday decorations though.  OK, enough ranting on Martha's yarn!  You should of course decide for yourself  :0)